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Cattlemen’s Bootcamp

Washington State University/American Angus Association Cattlemen’s Bootcamp


Tools and Techniques for Beef Production held April 15 and 16, 2016

A WSU CAHNRS Video Production

  1. Beef Cattle Economic Outlook– Dr. Shannon Neibergs, WSU Extension Economist
  2. Selecting Bulls for the Beef Herd– Dr. Dan Moser, President Angus Genetics, Inc.
  3. Improvement of Feed Efficiency in Beef Cattle– Drs. Kris Johnson, WSU Professor and Holly Neibergs, WSU Associate Professor
  4. AI Concepts- Maximizing Beef Cattle Reproductive Efficiency– Dr. Martin Maquivar, WSU Clinical Assistant Professor
  5. Cow/calf nutrition – fetal Programming– Dr. Min Du, WSU Professor
  6. Consumers, toilet paper, beef and tattoos– Mark McCully, Vice President of Production, Certified Angus Beef
  7. The Value of source verification and the superior way– Ginette Gottswiller, Director of Commercial Programs American Angus Association and Karoline Rose, Superior Livestock
  8. Beef Quality– Drs. Jan Busboom, WSU Extension Meats Specialist and Paul Kuber, WSU Regional Livestock Extension Specialist
  9. Beef Herd Health– April and May- Dr. Dale A. Moore, WSU Extension Veterinarian
  10. Veterinary Feed Directive– Dr. Dale A. Moore, WSU Extension Veterinarian
  11. Veterinary Feed Directive– Dr. Mark Nelson, WSU Extension Specialist

Contact Dr. M. L. Nelson, Extension Livestock Specialist, Washington State University,, 509-335-5623