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Erin Clancey

Erin Clancey

Erin Clancey

Ph.D. University of Idaho
Office: ASLB 120
Phone: (509) 335-4125

APPLIED ANIMAL BEHAVIOR. I teach Animal Science 485, Applied Animal Behavior. This course covers general topics in animal behavior and applies these principles to studying the behavior and welfare of animals managed by humans.

Past Areas of Research:

  • Field studies of pronghorn on the National Bison Range, Montana focusing on female social behavior and the consequences of social rank on stress and reproduction, and mating behavior in a small population.
  • Hormonal effects on birth sex ratios in mule deer at the Wild Ungulate Facility at WSU.
  • Understanding how we use body condition in theoretical models of behavior.

Selected Publications:

  1. Clancey, E. and Byers, J.A. (in press), A comprehensive test of the Trivers-Willard Hypothesis in pronghorn (Antilocapra americana). Journal of Mammalogy.
  2. Clancey, E. and Byers, J.A. (2014), The definition and measurement of individual condition: an evolutionary perspective. Ethology, 120:1-10.
  3. Dunn, S.J., Clancey, E., Waits, L.P., and Byers, J.A. (2012), Genetic evidence of inbreeding avoidance in pronghorn. Journal of Zoology, 288(2):119-126.
  4. Clancey, E., Dunn, S.J., and Byers, J.A. (2012) Do single point condition measurements predict fitness in female pronghorn (Antilocapra americana)? Canadian Journal of Zoology, 90:729–735.
  5. Dunn, S. J., Clancey, E., Waits, L. P. & Byers, J. A. (2011), Inbreeding depression in pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) fawns. Molecular Ecology, 20:4889-4898.