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Kris Johnson Teaching

Kris Johnson – Teaching

Beef Center

Animal Sciences Orientation (ANIM_SCI 180)

Fall semester.  Animal sciences as a profession; career opportunities, curriculum, advisement, internships, externships, animal centers, special services centers, and course requirements.

1 credit.  Freshman only.

Beef Production (ANIM_SCI 474 M)

Spring semester.  Breeding, feeding, and management; commercial and purebred enterprises; management of beef cattle on ranges, pastures and in the feedlot. Field trip required.

Prereq A S 313; A S 330; A S 350. 3 credits (2-3)

Ruminant Nutrition (ANIM_SCI 408 M)

Spring semester. Anatomy, physiology, and metabolism in ruminant animals.

Prereq A S 313. 3 Credits  (M)