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Zhihua Jiang Teaching

Zhihua Jiang – Teaching

Perspectives in Biotechnology (ANIM_SCI 488/588)

Fall semester.  This is a 3-credit course offered to both undergraduate and graduate students.  This course holds an M assignment (writing across the curriculum).  The objectives of the course are to provide students with an in-depth understanding of biotechnology and genomics, to enhance laboratory analytical skills and techniques and to increase awareness of the importance of genome analysis in biomedical research and applications.  This is a broad area of study that involves multiple disciplines and fields of study so the subjects covered in the course will be broad and diverse. Students will be expected to do outside reading to cover topic areas.

Seminar in Animal Sciences (ANIM_SCI 500)

Fall semester.  This one-credit seminar course is offered to graduate students in the Animal Sciences Department as well as to those in other scientific disciplines. The course is designed to 1) provide students unique opportunities to explore research hot topics, novel knowledge and advanced biotechnologies in Animal Sciences and related fields, 2) encourage students to share their experience, expertise and skills in scientific research, 3) give students practice speaking in front of a crowd on a topic of their own choosing in detail and 4) help students improve their leadership skills in initiation and organization of scientific activities.  Topics covered will include, but are not limited to animal behavior and well-being, environmental sciences, genetics/genomics, meat sciences/muscle biology, nutrition, reproductive physiology and veterinary medicine.