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WSU Guest Android

Android Instructions for connecting to WSU Guest

Note: The WSU Guest wireless connection is intended for visitors to WSU who do not have a Network ID.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Android Settings

Step 2: Select Wi-Fi

Step 3: Choose WSU Guest

Step 4: Tap the Sign in to Wi-Fi network Android system message. If you do not see this option, open your browser and enter “” in the URL field. This will take you to the registration page (Step 5).

Step 5: From the registration page, enter your email address (1), accept the terms of use (2), and click Register (3).


Step 6: You will be shown your guest account information (your device should remember this automatically). Select “Log In

If your login was successful, you will see the successful login page…

Still having trouble? Contact the Crimson Help Desk at 509-335-4357