WSU Wagyu Bull offering February 2023

Sealed bid auction terms and conditions

Washington State University (WSU) agrees to sell the following Wagyu bulls according to the following terms and conditions.

Bid close date

All bids must be received by the Animal Sciences Department no later than 3:00 p.m. on Friday, February 17, 2023.

Bidders will be notified as to whether or not their bid was accepted no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday February 17, 2023. If you have questions regarding your bid or bidding process, call the Animal Sciences Office at 509-335-5523.

Questions regarding the bulls should be directed to Brent McCann at 509-335-3777 (office) or 406-590-6469 (cell) or

Firm offer

Each submitted bid form constitutes a firm offer by the bidder which incorporates the terms and conditions herein. WSU reserves the right, in the best interest of the University, to reject any and/or all bids.

WSU reserves the right to withdraw any bull from the listing not meeting WSU’s specifications during the bidding process.


Animals offered for sale will be sold to the highest bidder. Each bid will constitute a binding contract between WSU and the purchaser. Each animal will be sold as one lot, FOB WSU Ensminger Beef Cattle Center, Pullman, WA.

Bid price

The bid price will be on a per head basis. This amount will be supplied by bidder on the bid form.


Terms are bankable check. All settlements are to be made at the time of pick-up. Upon payment of the bid price, at time of delivery, WSU will provide BUYER a receipt. There are no deferred payment plans available; bulls must be paid for prior to their departure from the WSU Ensminger Beef Cattle Center.


Animal will have dangle tag in each ear (two tags total) as well as an EID tag in the left ear. Animal is also freeze branded with their ID #.

Handling and risk

Animal will be at the purchaser’s risk as soon as payment is received.


Animal will be located at WSU Ensminger Beef Cattle Center, Pullman, Washington and will be available for pick-up on days immediately following February 17, 1023. Delivery of the bull must be taken by March 3, 2023. Exceptions will be made for inclement weather. WSU staff may be able to assist in delivery, but it would require a haul fee and would be dependent on number of head and the distance of the destination. BUYER is responsible for additional expenses and/or losses incurred by WSU due to BUYER’s failure to timely take delivery. In the event of BUYER’s Non-Performance, WSU may, at WSU’s sole option, elect to terminate BUYER’s contract without liability to BUYER. Such election by WSU shall not relieve BUYER of responsibility for said additional expenses and/or losses incurred by WSU as a result of BUYER’s non-performance.

Bulls up for auction

Staff took the body weights and pictures provided on January 11, 2023.

WSU J04 (PB77779) DOB 03/27/21

1105 pounds; heterozygous polled with scurs; IARSC

WSU J04 pedigree, EPDs, etc.

WSU J07 (PB77782) DOB 03/28/21

1045 pounds; heterozygous polled with scurs; IARSC

WSU J07 pedigree, EPDs, etc.

WSU J19 (PB77786) DOB 04/02/21

982 pounds; horned; F11C

WSU J19 pedigree, EPDs, etc.

WSU J20 (FB77787) DOB 04/02/21

1050 pounds; horned; defect free

WSU J20 pedigree, EPDs, etc.

WSU J31 (PB77788) DOB 04/04/21

1140 pounds; heterozygous polled; defect free

WSU J31 pedigree, EPDs, etc.

WSU J38 (PB77789) DOB 04/05/21

1115 pounds; horned; defect free

WSU J38 pedigree, EPDs, etc.

WSU J44 (FB77792) DOB 04/07/21

1040 pounds; horned; defect free

WSU J44 pedigree, EPDs, etc.

WSU J129 (PB86955) DOB 10/01/21

760 pounds; horned; defect free

WSU J129 pedigree, EPDs, etc.

WSU J132 (PB86957) DOB 10/06/21

806 pounds; heterozygous polled; defect free

WSU J132 pedigree, EPDs, etc.