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Welcome to the Department of Animal Sciences

Congratulations, Class of 2021 Graduates!

The entire Animal Sciences department would like to congratulate our graduating Class of 2021. We are so proud of you for persevering through this last year and wish you the best in all your future endeavors! Keep in touch!
GeorgiaLee Aksdal
Amelia Barkley
Shannon Barna
Lyndsie Bell
Sarah Bertapelle
Cynthia Betancourt
Allana Boehm
Marie Boragine
Taiz Cepeda
Aleethea Checkos
Jose Cruz
Leanna DeVries
Isabella Duarte
Andrew Eccles
Shelby Ewick
Aaron Field-Patton
Devin Foy
Amber Frank
Joy Gaston
Jacob Gilbreath
Samantha Goldman
Jessica Goodrich
Taylor Gordon
Erika Gottlieb
Casey Goya
Hannah Guillien
Jessica Harold
Kayana Hirokane
Lillianna Ho
Lauren Hodge
Talia Holtmeyer
LeAnne Hoover
Madison Howard
Anna Ingram
Abby Johnson
Jessi Johnson
Spencer Judy
Ashley Kordan
Quinn Kosareff
Brynn Landwehr
Avery Lane
Vy Le
Caitlyn Logan
Sallirose Manterola
Doneisha Matthews
Isabel Mocca
Shakirah Muhammad
Cristal Mulgado
Melanie Murray
Tianna Murray
Tyler Myers
Ella Norberg
Caitlyn Paris
Artemio Paz
Aleeta Pratt
Mirella Ramirez
Brittany Renner
Isabella Rennert
Doug Rosman
Emily Sabrowsky
Jaden Schoch
Jaimie Sevier
Ben Sherman
Caroline Sirr
Max Sitver
Agata Skarbek
Hannah Stuchlik
Jafra Swenson
Margie Tapak
Makayia Thompson
Isabel Walker
Brooke Webber
Sarah Woods
Nicholette Wooten
Morgan Young

We are pleased that you have taken the time to visit us on-line and hope that you find the information you are seeking. The Department of Animal Sciences at Washington State University offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs, has active extension programs, and conducts excellent fundamental and applied research that benefits many segments of society.

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