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Amber Adams-Progar

Behavior & Well-Being

Research in this group is focused on identifying environmental and genetic contributions to the health and well-being of animals.

Amber Adams Progar

Fields and grazing herds of cattle

Environmental Sustainability

Animal agriculture is committed to environmentally sustainable production. It is critical that we provide producers with the most recent technological innovations and to provide information regarding the economic implications of adoption of those technologies.

Kristen Johnson
3d render of dna structure, abstract background


Research encompasses genome science and biotechnology. In particular, projects include understanding the genome structure, function and evolution, and developing quantitative and molecular genomic approaches for improving animal production, product quality and health.

Kimberly Davenport
Min Du
Zhihua Jiang
Nate Law
Holly Neibergs
Michael Phelps
Nancy Irlbeck feeding sheep


Animal nutrition is critical to appropriate animal husbandry for agricultural, companion and zoo animals, the economics of animal production, and use of by-products of that arise from human food. Research is conducted across the span of applied to fundamental nutrition. This work includes energy nutrition of laboratory animals, beef and dairy cattle, use of by-product feeds, forage, comparative nutrition and trace mineral metabolism.

Min Du
Nancy Irlbeck
Kristen Johnson
Don Llewellyn
Marcos Marcondes