Kimberly Davenport

Kimberly Davenport
Assistant Professor
VBR 175

Functional Genomics. The research in my lab focuses on the impact of genome structure and gene regulation on economically important traits in agricultural animals, with a particular interest in fertility traits of ruminants. We use cutting-edge technology and advanced computational methods to interrogate genetic and epigenetic mechanisms governing traits that producers are interested in improving. A fundamental part of my program is integrating basic research with outreach and extension by translating innovative genomic research to various sectors of the agricultural industry across the state, and ultimately equipping producers with beneficial genomic tools to improve profitability and sustainability of their operations.

Specific Research Areas

  • Investigating species, breed, and parent specific epigenetic regulation of gene expression and its influence on economically important traits of agricultural species, with direct application to crossbreeding systems such as beef on dairy
  • Interrogating epigenetic mechanisms that govern placental development in ruminants, and understanding how these important developmental processes can go awry and lead to pregnancy loss
  • Exploring producer and industry perspectives and application of genomic technologies to enhance understanding and implement beneficial technology and tools that serve the needs of agricultural sectors across the state 

Selected Publications

  1. K.M. Davenport, M.S. Ortega, H. Liu, E.V. O’Neil, A.M. Kelleher, W.C. Warren, and T.E. Spencer. Single-nuclei RNA sequencing (snRNA-seq) uncovers trophoblast cell types and lineages in the mature bovine placenta. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). 2023.
  2. F. Sosa, K. Uh, J.N. Drum, K.S. Stoecklein, K.M. Davenport, M.S. Ortega, K. Lee, and P.J. Hansen. Disruption of CSF2RA in the bovine preimplantation embryo reduces development and affects embryonic gene expression in utero. Reproduction and Fertility. 2023.
  3. K.M. Davenport, D.M. Bickhart, K. Worley, S.C. Murali, M. Salavati, E.L. Clark, N.E. Cockett, M.P. Heaton, T.P.L. Smith, B.M. Murdoch, and B.D. Rosen. An improved ovine reference genome assembly to facilitate in-depth functional annotation of the sheep genome. Gigascience. 2022.
  4. K.M. Davenport, A.T. Massa, S. Bhattarai, S.D. McKay, M.R. Mousel, M.K. Herndon, S.N. White, N.E. Cockett, T.P.L. Smith, B.M. Murdoch, and the Ovine FAANG Project Consortium. Characterizing Genetic Regulatory Elements in Ovine Tissues. Frontiers in Genetics. 2021.
  5. K.M. Davenport, J.A. Spencer, J.J. Peak, J.C. Dalton, and B.M. Murdoch. Genomic testing of female Holsteins: a resource for selection and improvement. Translational Animal Sciences. 2018.

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