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CAHNRS Department of Animal Sciences

Safety Committee

Mission Statement

At Washington State University, maintaining and enhancing a safe work environment is a responsibility that is shared by the administration, supervisors, employees, safety and health and risk management offices, and safety committees.

The Chair of Animal Science is committed to protecting the safety and health of faculty, staff, students, and visitors. In order to fulfill this commitment the Chair of Animal Science has established the Animal Science Safety Committee to advise and assist unit management in promoting health and safety issues.

Employee involvement in the unit’s safety and health efforts including safety committee activities is necessary to ensure a safe and healthful workplace. The Animal Safety Committee provides a forum where every employee or student within the department can communicate safety related concerns. Hazards that are identified and shared with the safety committee will be addressed in a timely manner. The ultimate goal is to prevent injury or illness.

Organizational Chart

Interim Department ChairKris 335-5523
Safety Committee ChairmanJerry 335-7514
Safety Committee MembersJane 335-1521
Jeanene de 335-0675
Safety Committee RecorderJeremy 335-6964
Jennifer 335-1002
Mark 335-5623