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Department of Animal Sciences News

Washington State Magazine – Fine Beef

It was a beautiful sunny day in May when six WSU chefs, decked out in their white uniforms, stood on a hillside 1500 feet above the Lower Granite Dam on the Snake River, squinting to make out cows grazing on the steep terrain across the valley. Looking like little black dots on the massive hills, Jerry Reeves looked through his binoculars, suddenly pointing and exclaiming, “There they are! Can you see them?”

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Animal Sciences team looks to genes for healthier beef

ZhihuaJiang-crop1Zhihua Jiang, Larry Fox, Min Du and Martin Maquivar, professors in the Department of Animal Sciences, recently received a nearly half-million-dollar grant to identify key genes that influence meat quality and healthfulness in beef, and mastitis and metritis—udder and uterus inflammation—in dairy cattle.

The USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture Foundational Grant for $475,000 is titled “Genome-wide mapping of alternative polyadenylation sites in cattle.”

Besides helping build consumer confidence in beef, the WSU researchers are developing new non-antibiotic treatments, addressing concerns over the rise of drug-resistant bacteria.

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Dept of Animal Sciences, Creamery scoop up national award

Great milk from Washington State University’s Knott Dairy Center makes for ice cream so good it beats all comers.

“If you start with a good raw product, you end up with a quality end product,” says John Haugen, manager of the WSU Creamery. His top-selling flavor at Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shoppe, Huckleberry Swirl, won the people’s choice award at the 2015 American Society of Animal Sciences Ice Cream Competition.

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