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WSU Premium Beef

WSU Premium Beef WrappedContacts

Premium Beef Contact Information
PH: 509-335-1002

Dr. Kris Johnson
Faculty Coordinator

PH: 509-335-2280
FAX: 509-335-1082

Product Overview

Palouse The WSU Premium Beef brand focuses on producing a high-quality, local product. The Department of Animal Sciences is home to a pasture-to-plate beef herd that offers an unparalleled experience for students to learn and interact with cattle. Calves are born in the spring and spend the beautiful Palouse summer on pasture with their mothers. In the Fall, students and faculty work together to hand select the animals that will be used for the Premium Beef Program. Over the winter, cattle are fed high quality grains and hays. Both Wagyu and Angus cattle are kept at the Ensminger Beef Center. Angus cattle have been an American standard for nearly 150 years. The breed is well known for genetics that balance calving ease, growth rate and carcass value. Our Premium Angus beef product is comparable to a USDA Choice or Prime grade. The beef is fresh, tender and flavorful. Wagyu (pronounced Wag-You) literally translates to Japanese Cow. There are four breeds of Japanese cattle. Although two of these breeds have been retained exclusively in Japan, the other two (Japanese Black and Japanese Brown) are available for breeding and harvesting internationally. At the Ensminger Beef Center, we raise purebred or full blood Japanese Black cattle. Wagyu beef is so highly marbled that it has its own grading scale. Marbling contributes to flavor and juiciness for which Wagyu beef is famous. The Wagyu sold by the Premium Beef program is equivalent to a USDA Prime or better product.


We offer several box options for both Wagyu and Premium Angus beef that vary in size and content as described below.

WSU Premium Beef Wrapped

Option 1 Box (approximately 25 pounds)

  • Four packages of steaks: will include rib steaks, New York steaks, sirloin steaks, and round steaks
  • Two roasts (typically chuck or arm roasts)
  • Stew meat (seasonal)
  • Ground beef: 8 – 12 chubs (approximately 1 pound per chub)

Option 2 Box (approximately 15 pounds)

  • Two packages of steaks: will include rib steaks and sirloin steaks or round steaks
  • One roast (typically chuck or arm roast)
  • Stew meat (seasonal)
  • Ground beef: 4 – 6 chubs (approximately 1 pound per chub)

Option 3 Box (approximately 15 pounds)

  • Two packages of steaks: will include New York Steaks, round steaks, or sirloin steaks
  • One roast (typically chuck or arm roast)
  • Stew meat (seasonal)
  • Ground beef: 4 – 6 chubs (approximately 1 pound per chub)

NEW!!!! ⇒ Ground Beef Box (approximately 10 pounds)

  • Ground beef only
  • Packed in chubs (approximately 1 pound per chub)
  • Wagyu – $6.50 per pound
  • Premium Angus – $5.25 per pound

Additional information Our Waygu and Premium Angus beef is inspected by the USDA. After the beef is dry-aged, it is hand cut, wrapped in butcher paper, and stored in commercial freezers. In most cases, steaks are wrapped two per package. Beef is hand packed in customized containers to ensure that you receive the product in optimal condition, whether it is picked up locally or is shipped.

Wagyu Cooking Ideas

Jamie CallisonInterested in suggestions about how to make the best of your beef purchase? We recommend you take some advice from award-winning Executive Chef Jamie Callison, author of The Crimson Spoon and Culinary Arts Instructor in the WSU School of Hospitality Business Management. Callison’s cookbook, The Crimson Spoon focuses on local food treasures while highlighting his unique approach: “start with quality ingredients, apply simple cooking techniques, and magic happens”. The farm-to-table focus of the book will be sure to delight audiences of all backgrounds, particularly those with roots in the WSU community. Proceeds from the book help to maintain and replace equipment and furnishings at the J. Williard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation Hospitality Teaching Center at WSU ensuring these facilities remain available as an educational resource for future students. In addition to recipes for Wagyu beef, the book gives guidelines for other Washington State delights like Cougar Gold Stuffed Potatoes and Rainier Cherry Clafoutis. To order, please visit Cookbook photos courtesy of: Armstrong-Pitts Studios, Seattle

Order Information

We offer local pickup as well as overnight shipping to any location in the U.S. Please contact the Premium Beef Team at 509-335-1002 or for current prices and additional ordering information.