Kris Johnson

Kris Johnson
Professor and Scientist
ASLB 126

RUMINANT NUTRITION/BEEF CATTLE ENERGETICS. The focus of our research is to examine the use of dietary energy in the beef animal. This includes examination of the variation in maintenance energy expenditures and losses due to the fermentation occurring in the rumen. With up to 70% of total herd metabolizable energy intake going to maintenance functions, it is important to understand and examine the constituents of maintenance on a whole animal and cellular level and the relationship of these metabolic costs to animal productivity. Selection of adaptable cattle will reduce the cost of production. Current projects include an examination of energy expenditure at  the whole animal, mitochondrial and gene level.

RUMINANTS AND ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES. Environmental issues are of increasing concern to the cattle industry. Our goal is to generate scientifically based information about air quality and ruminant production. Recent projects include the development of a measurement-based methane inventory and efforts to find economically sound mitigation options for cattle producers.


Anim_Sci—180 Animal Sciences Orientation
Anim_Sci—408 Ruminant Nutrition (M)
Anim_Sci—474 Beef Production (M, CAPS)
Anim_Sci—520 Scientific Writing (Coordinator)
Anim_Sci—510 Advanced Nutrition (Team taught)