Holly Neibergs

Holly Neibergs
ASLB 210

ANIMAL GENOMICS. Recent advances in animal genetics have accelerated with the use of genomics. This laboratory focuses on the use of mammalian comparative and functional genomics in the search for genes of economic significance. This includes identification of genes involved in disease resistance as well as production traits with the use of linkage, epidemiological and functional approaches. By utilizing different approaches to unravel the genetic basis of complex traits, these studies offer new tools for genetic selection and improvement of animals. Current projects include identification of loci associated with susceptibility to bovine respiratory disease and bovine paratuberculosis in beef and dairy cattle, identification of loci associated with feed efficiency in beef cattle and identification of loci associated with fertility in beef and dairy.

Specific Research Areas

  • Genetic components of animal health.
  • Complex traits of economic significance.
  • Genomics of fertility


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