Zhihua Jiang

Zhihua Jiang
VBRB 151

Animal Phenomics.  Phenomics is defined as an independent discipline to study a full set of phenotypes as phenome during the life span of an organism, thus providing a basis to fully characterize the genome. As such, my research focuses on development of the central dogma of phenomics and creation of the genomically optimized livestock farming (GOLF) systems with goals to promote healthy products from healthy animals for healthy people under healthy environment. Specifically, we will find answers to this biological question: how dynamic and diverse phenomes are orchestrated by the same genome during an animal’s life span. Our basic approach is to use RNA variants to bridge the genome and phenome. RNA molecules are either protein coding or non-coding, so they can produce either “hardware” or serve as “software” with diverse functions to achieve the goal-driven phenotypes. Our Animal Phenomics research will provide a solid foundation to design genomes for desirable and superior phenomes, thus sustaining future animal production and food security locally and globally.

Specific Research Areas

  • Bulk and single cell profiling of RNA variants.
  • RNA bridged maps of complex phenotypes.
  • Pan-transcritpome assemblies and functional annotation of animal genomes.
  • Development of the central dogma of phenomics.

Currently recruiting graduate students for the Genome-to-Phenome PhD Program.

Most Recent Publications

For a complete list of publications, please visit https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Zhihua_Jiang4/

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