Dr. Robbi H. Pritchard: Distinguished Graduate in Science, Education, and Technology 2019

Dr. Robbi H. Pritchard is re­nowned for his expertise in feedlot nutrition and management. He developed a widely-adopted feedbunk scoring system, helping cattle producers minimize variation in feed intake and optimize produc­tion.

He earned his Ph.D. in animal sci­ences from WSU in 1983. After post-doctoral training at Texas Tech Uni­versity, he began his career in the Department of Animal and Range Sciences at South Dakota State Uni­versity in 1984. He was honored as a Distinguished Professor by SDSU in 2005. This award is SDSU’s high­est level of distinction, recognizing faculty members who are models of professional accomplishment.

His research focused on nutritional biochemistry and ruminant nutri­tion. Specific areas of interest in­cluded: receiving calf health and nutrition management; anabolic compounds – tissue accretion; ma­nipulation of carcass characteristics; ruminant protein nutrition; feed de­livery management; low quality for­age utilization; complementarity of dietary cereal grains; and manipula­tion of ruminal fermentation.

During his career, Dr. Pritchard mentored over 50 graduate stu­dents and spoke at more than 150 producer-industry conferences and seminars across the country.

Although Dr. Pritchard has retired from SDSU, he continues to work with the beef cattle industry.