Gordon Murdoch

Gordon Murdoch
Professor and Department Chair
Clark Hall 119

Physiology. I have taught a breadth of classes including; Anatomy & Physiology, Growth, Animal Products, Meat Science & Muscle Biology, Developmental Biology, Advanced Physiology, Endocrinology, Current topics in Animal Agriculture, Graduate Seminar and Graduate Teaching Practicum. I love working with students and look forward to teaching as needed at WSU.

Areas of Research

  • I have both an applied research program focused on pre-harvest influence on muscle, growth and meat quality in beef cattle, as well as a basic research program relating to the activation and regulation of muscle growth as it relates to satellite cell activation, gene expression and physiological state influenced by the muscles microniche.
  • I have been actively involved in Interdisciplinary research projects including physiological constraints associated with mechanical ventilation, as well as the development of a virtual fence system for the control of grazing livestock.
  • I have a long history of research relating to efficiency, metabolism and physiological determinants of growth in livestock.

Selected Publications

  1. A. Ahmadpour, C.C. Reichhardt, R.G. Christensen, N.E. Ineck, G.K. Murdoch, K.J. Thornton Understanding the relationship between trenbolone acetate and polyamines relative to proliferation of bovine satellite cells. Domestic Animal Endocrinology (Accepted March 2020)
  2. R Dutta, T Xing, G.K. Murdoch Comparison of flow and gas washout characteristics between PCV and HFPV in healthy and formalin fixed ex vivo porcine lungs. Physiological Measurements (2018). https://doi.org/10.1088/1361-6579/aada73
  3. KJ Thornton, K.C. Chapalamadugu, E. M. Eldredge and G.K. Murdoch Analysis of Longissimus thoracis protein expression associated with variation in carcass quality grade and marbling of beef cattle raised in the Pacific northwestern United States. (2017) Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry January 24 DOI 10.1021/acs.jafc.6b02795
  4. K.J. Thornton, R.P. Richard, M.J. Colle, M.E. Doumit, M.J. de Veth, C.W. Hunt, G.K. Murdoch Effects of dietary potato by-product and rumen-protected histidine on animal performance and color stability of beef. (2015) Meat Science 107: 64–74

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