Animal Sciences graduate students

Animal Sciences graduate students 2023
First row (L to R): Sabrina Haney, Emaly Suarez, Giulia Berzoini Costa Leite, Emma Wheeler, Yao Gao, Md Nazmul Hossain. Second row (L to R): Victoria Kelson, Makenzie Melby, Callan Lichtenwalter, Kassie Stadler, Shane Carrion, Tholen Blasko, Max Butensky. Not pictured: Isabela Carrari, Allison Herrick, Jera Monaghan, Nafise Noroozi.

Giulia Berzoini Costa Leite

MS student, Marcondes Lab Hometown: Juiz de Fora, Brazil Research focus: Use of rBST as an alternative strategy to overcome constraints on the mammary gland development of dairy heifers subjected to high feeding levels and early breeding practices

Tholen Blasko

MS student, Phelps Lab
Hometown: Sultan, Washington Research focus: Applying CRISPR technology to salmonid monitoring strategies

Max Butensky

PhD student, Phelps Lab
Hometown: Los Altos, California Research focus: Maturation process in Pacific salmon

Isabela Carrari

PhD student, Marcondes Lab Hometown: Curtibaba, Parana, Brazil Research focus: Use of seaweed to decrease enteric methane production by dairy cows and its effects on health, digestion, and production

Shane Carrion

PhD student, Jiang Lab
Hometown: Jackson, Mississippi Research focus: The link between APA site use and phenomics

Yao Gao

PhD student, Du Lab
Hometown: Shenmu, China
Research focus: Maternal metabolism and embryonic myogenesis

Sabrina Haney

PhD student, Phelps Lab
Hometown: Ogden, Utah
Research focus: Understanding the evolution of viviparity in sharks using comparative genomics

Allison Herrick

PhD student, Neibergs Lab Hometown: Bliss, New York
Research focus: Utilizing genomic selection as a risk management tool for commercial dairies

MD Nazmul Hossain

PhD student, Du Lab
Hometown: Magura, Bangladesh Research focus: Effect of obesity on epigenetic reprogramming of germ cells and embryonic organogenesis

Victoria Kelson

MS student, Neibergs Lab
Hometown: Molino, Florida
Research focus: Identify genes associated with embryonic loss in high-production Holstein dairy cows

Callan Lichtenwalter

PhD student, Adams Progar Lab Hometown: Conway, Arkansas Research focus: Pest bird impacts
on dairy cattle behavior and welfare. Sustainable reduction of pest birds on dairies

Makenzie Melby

MS student, Adams Progar Lab Hometown: Pleasanton, California Research focus: Determining what characteristics of cows, such as health status, affect handler safety in human-dairy cow interactions

Jera Monaghan

MS student, Johnson Lab
Hometown: Burlington, Wisconsin Research focus: Use of seaweed in composting cattle manure and worm-powered manure management to reduce emissions

Nafise Noroozi

PhD student, Du Lab
Hometown: Tehran, Iran
Research focus: Impacts of maternal obesity on offspring development

Kassie Stadler

PhD candidate, Law Lab
Hometown: Yakima, Washington Research focus: How the transcription factor RUNX3 is a driver of fate in the male germline

Emaly Suarez

MS student, Neibergs Lab
Hometown: Yakima, Washington Research focus: Identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) and candidate genes associated with fetal loss in dairy cattle

Emma Wheeler

PhD candidate, Jiang Lab
Hometown: Emporia, Kansas
Research focus: Neuroscience and genomics of chronic cannabis use in rodents