Notes from the Chair

One more trip around the sun, and I am still amazed by the passion and knowledge of the AS faculty, staff and students. Our clubs have been re-invigorated post-COVID and even revived after a long dormancy; such as the case with our Meats Judging team. A true luxury while serving as Chair, is the fact that I have had the privilege of meeting industry leaders, producers, and stakeholders and as always learn a great deal from them. I believe that as you take the opportunity to peruse the contents of our Inside Scoop issue that you will share my optimism relating to the great things that we are currently achieving and the future that lies ahead. Animal Sciences has had the luxury to add new faculty and staff this year, including the new Dean – Dr. Wendy Powers-Schilling – a distinguished animal scientist by training and career accomplishments. Please know that I appreciate your support, your guidance, and your wisdom as it pertains to the Animal Sciences Department and together we will continue to provide great value to our students, state, and nation.