Hellos and Goodbyes

Joe Blake

Joseph W. Blake

3/13/1928 – 2/22/2024
Dan Coonrad

Daniel J. Coonrad

12/18/1940 – 12/6/2022
William T. Bennett

William T. Bennett

11/28/1927 – 10/21/2019

We sadly say goodbye to three men who made a lasting impact on students, staff, and faculty. Joe Blake served WSU for 37 years as the Knott Dairy Center herdsman. Dan Coonrad retired in 2003 after working as the Ensminger Beef Center herdsman for 36 years. Bill Bennett was beef cattle herdsman from 1957 to 1963 before starting the BB Cattle Company in Connell, Washington. Conversely, we welcome the six individuals pictured below who play vital roles in the department’s success.

Kathleen Sullivan with tortoise
Dr. Kathleen Sullivan is an instructor for the department’s Applied Animal Behavior class. She is comparative animal nutritionist who is an expert in mineral metabolism and a leading authority in rhinoceros nutrition and welfare, currently working out of Disney’s Animal Kingdom near Orlando, Florida. She has a PhD in nutritional bio-chemistry from the University of Florida.
Alex Borden
Alex Borden joined the department in October 2023 as a maintenance mechanic at Farm Services. His work helps keep the animal centers operational. He is from Moscow, Idaho, and graduated from Moscow High School in 2021. Prior to coming to WSU, he worked for several local farmers.
Scott Brown
Scott Brown joined the department in May 2023 as the Academic Coordinator and Advisor. He provides students a supportive educational environment and imparts guidance and academic advising to help students succeed in their academic careers. He received a BA in history in 2016 from Boise State University and a MEd from the University of Miami in 2018.
Kelsie Magnuson
Kelsie Magnuson began working at the WSU Knott Dairy Center in December 2023 as a milker. She grew up in Scappoose, a small town about 20 miles north-west of Portland, Oregon. She graduated with a BS degree in animal sciences from Oregon State University in September 2023.
Bailey Graham
Bailey Graham started on March 4, 2024 as the Beef Operations Assistant Manager. She grew up in Northern California where she was involved in a cow/calf operation. She has a BS in ranch management from Feather River College. Before coming to WSU, she was a 4-H program assistant for the University of Arkansas in Bentonville.
Stanislav Kyslynskyi
Stanislav Kyslynskyi joined Animal Sciences in March 2024 as the newest Personnel and Finance Specialist. He is from Ukraine and got an MA in Finance from Chernihiv National Technological University in 2013. Prior to coming to WSU, he worked for several international and local pharmaceutical and insurance companies.