Dr. Fernando R. Valdez: Outstanding Alumnus Award 2019

Dr. Fernando R. Valdez is an accomplished livestock nutrition professional, contributing acute expertise and experience in a variety of scopes to his position of Global Vice President of Ruminant Business Development. These abilities include production management and strategic marketing. In his previous role as the Vice President of the monogastric commercial team, he was charged with developing and implementing sales strategies for swine and poultry markets. Since joining Kemin in 2000, Valdez has served in a multitude of capacities, including Tech Service Manager, Product Manager, and as the Director of Technical Support for product lines sold into the livestock industry in the United States. He brought exceptional leadership to each product application team representing $40M in sales.

Dr. Valdez holds a Bachelor’s degree in dairy science from the University of Florida, a Master’s degree in dairy science from Oklahoma State University, a Ph.D. in animal nutrition from Washington State University, and a Post-Doctoral degree in animal science from the University of Minnesota. Complementing his depth of education is almost 30 years of experience in the animal nutrition market, both at Kemin and as a Dairy Consultant and Dairy Team Leader at Purina Mills.

Outside of his career, he engages with the local and global community. With his wife, Paulette and three children – Ana, Luis and Sonia – he enjoys exploring the world. As a central family value and to continually expand their world perspective, they make time for at least one trip per year. His household is also a foster family, having cared for over 50 children, and is an active participant in the local US refugee program.

Whether at home or in his career, Dr. Valdez sets a standard for leadership, excellence and engaged citizenship.